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Ethically sourced shea butter

Our natural shea butter, featured in gertie bell hair + body butter, is sourced directly from women-run cooperatives in West Africa. We purchase bulk, raw and unrefined shea butter from Shea Radiance, a woman-owned, local company with direct ties to shea farms and a member of the Global Shea Alliance.

Local salt, harvested by hand

Sourcing local ingredients when possible is part of our environmentally responsible process. We are proud to feature J.Q. Dickinson’s salt in our elaine face + body scrub because it is hand-harvested by family salt-makers in West Virginia.

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Cold-pressed oils

USDA-certified organic, cold-pressed jojoba oil is the primary ingredient in both hannah hair + facial oil and jones healing beard + body oil. Cold-pressed oils retain more of their nutrients, color and scent because the oils are never heated above 120 degrees Farenheit.

Unique ingredients

Strawberry seed oil is an uncommon ingredient in beauty products because it is very rare and expensive. We include cold-pressed strawberry seed oil as the second ingredient in hannah hair + facial oil to create the most nourishing and versatile blend for your hair, face and body.